All shirts come with MsBare's logo on the back of the neck

Blood... T-shirts $30
say blood blood shirt give blood
The 'Safe Word' series. T-shirts $30
OUCH! shirt I forgot shirt Fk Off shirt
'Kinky' range. T-shirts $30
first time shirt feather shirt bondage shirt
The "Little Miss" series, T-shirts, $25
Little Miss Feed Me Little Miss Spank Me Little Miss Rope Slut
For the 'brats'. T-shirts, $25
brattitude singlet bratt + tri singlet pervurt shirt
The "Rather wear" series. muscle shirts, $25
rather wear leather rather wear latex rather wear rubber
Sale shirts. T-shirts, $20
bitch shirt shocker shirt 2010 records shirt - 2 only

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All T-shirts are BLACK. If you require another colour, please email to check on availability.

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